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CE marked

Our largest radiation-protected door. With the height of 5 m and the width of 5.2 m, this door are currently our highest and widthest door.
By the request the door can be even bigger! This door is the greatest solution for the industries that have wide and high wall openings, and of course, need a radiation-protection.

  • - Two wing leaves
  • - Contact rubber sensors on both wings, and on both sides
  • - Delivered in segments for easy assembling
  • - Sensors for detecting moves
  • - Sensors for detecting obstacles
  • - Safety sensors
  • - Three emergency exit systems:
  •     emergency stop button
  •     pull & open system outside
  •     manual opening from the inside
  • - Radiation-protected
  • - RAL color by your choice
  • - BackUp UPS power
  • - Floor overlap for maximum radiation-protection
  • - Possibility for airflow system
When it is requested that the door has to be overlapped on four sides, a model with a channel is used. And here, we took care of the design and functionality, so the channel is automatically covered with INOX tiles that are fastened to the chain. The system of chain and sprockets is located in the lower part of the channel. Photos of the floor overlap may be seen in our gallery.

Telescopic door have a requested thickness of lead and steel for shielding. The information on the project for radiation protection is done separately and individually for the specific treatment machine placed in the treatment room. The material used for radiation protection is the steel and the lead sheet, or, by the request with some other material.

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