Radiation shielded doors
CE certified

Design to protect

Protective automatic sliding and swing door leathers are designed to protect the space and people from X-RAY and neutron radiation. Door construction is made of steel L profiles and steel boxes filled with lead, paraffin or polyethylene with or without borax, cadmium and steel.

Back-up power

In case of failure or power failure the lamp on the door is turned on after what the door can be manipulated to open in manual mode by pressing a button for opening and the door remain open till the power is back on. This system is done by UPS battery. In case of failure of UPS battery door can be open by unblocking electromagnetic brakes after what you must use a chain which is located in the door frame.

Delivery and assembling

The doors are delivered to the object in disassembled segments because of easier access. Assembling is done on the spot, by our trained mountaineers. Complete assembly is done by around 2 days. Preparation for installation should be done by our requests (i.e. electricity power)

Done by request!

We are offering to build doors that can perfectly fit by your request. Equipment and adjustment may be changed by the request of our investor.


More about us

For the past years we have been present in the automatic doors market and in this period we have gathered a great team of engineers whose knowledge and experience have been implemented in our products. We have designed several types of automatic radiation shielded doors which all follow relevant European standards and have certification for it. The research and testing process lasted for 2 years, and now we are able to offer high quality products that comply with European and world standards, which is further more guaranteed by the CE EN 13241 certificate and GOST certificate. To start with, we have two standard types of products: sliding and swing radiation shielded doors (explained in details in Products). We have also been preparing and developing other products of the same type. Each of these doors is unique and manufactured following specific requests from our licensed physicist who dictate the type of the shielding inside the door. Furthermore, we can match the type the color to interior designer’s requests.