The sliding door is most commonly used in places where there is enough space for them. With this type of door, apart from functionality, which is indisputable, we can also play with the design. Most commonly the door is drowned into the interior. The first step in making the door is a calculation of an authorized physicist who sets the door protection requirements and the width of overlapping mode (from three or four sides). Our radiation-shielded door is delivered with – lead, polyethylene, or 5% BPE sheets, steel, cadmium, or paraffin. Of course, the door that you order will be filled with the requirements you need.

Two categories

Based on the calculations for needed protection from radiation, we can divide the doors into two categories and two subcategories. Those are: sliding door without channel and sliding door with a channel.

Floor overlap system

When it is requested that the door has to be overlapped on four sides, a model with a channel is used. And here, we took care of the design and functionality, so the channel is automatically covered with INOX tiles that are fastened to the chain. The system of chain and sprockets is located in the lower part of the channel. Photos of the floor overlap may be seen in our gallery.

Airflow system

The second solution for making the maximum protection from radiation that went from idea to solution and which got into a hugely positive response, especially from the technicians who work near the linear accelerator is our airflow system. In one sentence we can explain the main role of this system - his purpose is to prevent the egress of the contaminated air from the bunker.

Maximum security

Except for making the door to serve you as a reliable source of radiation protection, we also take care of the staff that is using the door. That's why we use the most innovative and most secure systems for their protection. On the door leaf, it is located the contact rubber, so-called sensor profile, which in the case of contact with a person or an object automatically reacts and sends the door in the opening position. Flatscan sensors are located on both sides of the door. Using the newest “cutting-edge” technology they present the extreme accuracy and reliable sensor for detecting moves.

Extra power and manual opening

In the case on no power supply, the door can be manipulated with UPS system (it serves when there is no main power supply to open the door, in which case using the power from UPS the door can be opened and they stay open until the main power is back on), or, as one more level of precaution we use a system for manual opening.

Operating with the door

Operation with the door is possible through buttons, remote control, or access control (by the desire of the investor). The control panel is located on the door and it contains buttons for partial opening, opening, closing, emergency opening, and an indicator for no power supply.