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Our radiation-protected doors are expertly crafted to meet the criteria and needs of the medical industry, offering perfection.

Why us?

Custom Made
Fast Installation
Emergency Systems
Our products are made out of high quality materials for radiation shielding.
sliding swing telescopic radiation shielded door with floor overlap and air flow system and mobiscan house for ct and xray waste container for hospitals radaition protection and oncology linear accelerator neutron shielding

We will provide a full service, from engineering to installation and commissioning

  • Linear accelerator vaults doors
  • Motorized doors
  • Custom made
  • Smart solutions
  • Fast installation
  • Different emergency opening systems

X-Ray Doors is a brand of the company REFAFLEX (Serbia and Slovenia), specialized in manufacturing radiation-shielded products. We are a team that understands how important radiation shielding is, and that is why we bring to you custom-made engineering solutions. Dimensions and shielding by the request, innovative technology, and advanced solutions, reliable safety measures, and the ability to adjust to any circumstance make us a trustworthy choice.

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Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 88, Belgrade, Serbia


Dunajska cesta 136, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Via Cividina 243, Udine, Italy