MobiScan house

The MobiScan House is designed for radiation-protection while identifying disease or injury within various regions of the body with the CT scanner - outside the hospital, making this kind of medical service easier, more accessible, and more dynamic. Placed near the hospital, or the city location, it provides the best solution for the hospitals whose rooms do not anymore fulfill requirements for radiation-protection or in the case of national crises, such as viruses, infections, in which way the people who must take this medical treatment, do not come in contact with the infected people.

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Optionally equiped

Optionally requested, we can equip MobiScan house with the equipment you desire. Furthermore, we can deliver it with a CT scanner inside.

Attention to details

The usage of high quality audio-video and electrical systems inside the MobiScan house, also especially selected panels are just one part of the carefully selected parts and materials which are used

Steel structure

MobiScan house is designed to withstand the wind loads and atmospheric impacts. The steel structure is framed with thermally insulated panels, meaning that it will be thermally regualted at the conditions such as heat in the summer, or the cold in the winter.

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